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RECYCLE BOY CO.,LTD @ 0120-234-666
We buy & sell: Household Appliances, Small Applicanes,
Personal Audio, Electronics, Home Furnishings, Baby Goods,
Family Goods, Clothing, Toys, Video Games, Jewellery and Watches
Shop info. Open daily 11am`20@Weekends/Holidays 10am`20pm
Komae shop 0120-234-666@@e-mai:lthanks@recycle-boy
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Setagaya dori:3-14-23 Iwado kita,Komae City,Tokyo


Recycle Boy Moving Center @@Domestic Movings Only
We do: Transporting, Packing & Unpacking Service, Electrical Works,
Recycling & Disposal Service, Piano Shifting, Storage, and House Cleaning.
Best Price and high quality works. E-mail: hikkoshi@recycle-boy.com

8-55-6 Shinyoshidahigashi, Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama City, KanagawaA 223-0058
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